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    Welcome to a series of manuals and forms developed for UNFPA to assist in various aspects of the 2010 Round Censuses. The materials fall into 3 overlapping categories enumeration, processing, and analysis. All materials use the United Nations Principles and Recommendations, Revision 1, as the base.

    This website is divided up into the sequence of tasks needed to complete a census. First, a general section shows links to the various UN Census Handbooks and other general materials. Then, the first and continuing steps in census operations in a section on census management. Preparations for mapping, actual mapping, and use of GPS and GIS follow. Then, enumeration activities are covered in supervisor and enumerator manuals and training materials and forms. After the data come in, we present information about initial and continuing office operations and data capture. Computer editing of the data is next. And then, tabulations, dissemination, and analysis activities. A final section covers archiving. Use the list on the left to go to the appropriate section.

  • Handbook on Census Management for Population and Housing Census - Management
  • Handbook on Geospatial Infrastructure in Support of Census Activities - Mapping
  • Handbook on Population and Housing Census Editing - Editing
  • Measuring the Economically Active in Population Censuses: A Handbook

  • Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Census Revision 2